Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Born again

What if being 'born again' (or 'born from above') is only mentioned twice in the bible?  Yet it has become the central doctrine of modern day Christianity. 
What if Jesus was using this term to show Nicodemus that he had to die to his religious ways and become spiritually alive?  What if this term is no where used in the bible for a heathen repenting of their sin?
What if today Jesus would talk most likely to a 'born again Christian' about the need of really being born again?

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  1. Good thoughts. I agree that the "born again" experience Jesus spoke of is a spiritual awakening into life, not merely a mental decision to "repent".

    Unfortunately, the term "born again" has recently become attached to a certain brand of bible-thumping conservative Christianity and because of that many are put off by it. But I will confidently say that I have been born again - not by means of a "sinner's prayer" but through an encounter with my loving Creator, who gives my spirit life...