Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jesus & Christ

What if Jesus really is 'just' a human being, but of a new creation?  What if he is 'just' son of God?  What if he is 'just' the Anointed, the Christ?  What if he is not "very God of very God", the second person of the Trinity?  Would he still be able to free me of my sin and shame and restore me to a beautiful relationship with his Father, who is also mine?
What if the early church did not believe Jesus to be God, but their brother, firstborn of a new creation?  A creation in which God not only breathed His life-giving Spirit into man, but placed it into a human seed, in order for Him to be fully intertwined with his children.
What if the Spirit that God poured out on Pentecost really was the Spirit of sonship, the Spirit of his new creation, the same Spirit that indwells Jesus?
What if the phrase that we so easily say, that we are the body of Christ, is actually true?  What if we are the Anointed One, that is to bring heaven to this earth?  What if that is what Jesus' second coming is all about?

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