Thursday, December 2, 2010

Satan, Demons & Trust

What if the creation story in the bible really was written by a hebrew mind, instead of a greek one, and the reason for telling the story was so much deeper than just writing down mere facts, but rather to share multiple layers of truth?
For example the word used for the serpent also means whisperer or enchanter.  Was the temptation to eat the fruit and become like God maybe a whisper in the heart of Eve, that caused her to not trust her maker and take control into her own hands?  Was it a seed of fear that she conceived, giving birth to a spirit being that we have been feeding with our selfish longing for control and mistrust of our heavenly Father throughout the ages?  Hence, it would grow from a tiny serpent into a huge dragon.
What if God didn't create the enemy as a rebellious archangel?  What if God actually gave the power to create to His beloved children, made in His image?  What if the enemy, Satan, the devil is a human creation?
What if a demon is a lie that we receive into our heart? We feed it until it becomes alive, until we allow it to have a life of itself, until it becomes a spirit that controls and binds us and others.
What if we learned to trust again...?

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