Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sermon on the Mount

"What if Jesus isn't being cute and romantic in the Sermon on the Mount?  What if he is completely serious and means to be taken seriously?  What if he is proposing the ultimate deconstruction - the deconstruction of all human structures, whether scientific preanalytic visions, governments, economies, ideologies, civilizations, and the framing stories that drive them- so that we can be recomposed in our true identity, resituated in God's primal framing story of creation?  What if he is trying to excavate through layer upon layer of carpeting, plywood, ceramic tile, blacktop, gravel, trash, broken glass, and cement, so our bare feet can once again feel the cool, moist, soft soil from which we were, and are, all created?"
                                                               -Brian McLaren, Everything must change-

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